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AIG Singapore Speeds Up Claims Process with New Online Motor Accident Reporting Platform

SINGAPORE, 11 December 2017 – AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. (AIG Singapore) has launched the first online motor accident reporting platform that allows policyholders to make accident reports and commence the claims process online, reducing time spent at an Accident Reporting Centre (ARC).

Designed to streamline the customer experience, the platform is also the first of its kind to be integrated with the industry accident reporting system – General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) Merimen – enabling users to document the accident more accurately.

Users can access the platform via the AIG Singapore website or mobile application where they will be able to select from pre-loaded accident scenarios and use location pins to determine the exact scene.

Ms Cady Ho, Head of Claims and Customer Office at AIG Singapore, said, “We recognise that consumers today demand more agility and convenience, so we are continuously looking at ways to boost efficiency and create solutions that meet their needs. This latest initiative marks another step in our digital transformation journey to elevate the customer experience and is expected to benefit more than 20,000 AIG Singapore motor policyholders a year.”

Ms Ho said that the new platform also seeks to reduce motor insurance touts and frauds in Singapore, which resulted in an estimated loss of S$99 million last year1.

If a third party is involved in the accident and their mobile number is provided by the insured, AIG Singapore will send an SMS to the third party with advice on the claims process and caution against services offered by touts or unauthorised tow-truck operators or repair workshops.

“With motor insurance fraud on the rise in Singapore, subjecting motorists to higher premiums, our online accident reporting platform also encourages proactive claim management that aims to mitigate fraudulent activity, leading to bigger cost savings for customers,” said Ms Ho.

For users who want to file an accident report and submit a claim

  • Upon successful submission of an accident report, which takes around six minutes, the user will receive a reference number via SMS.
  • To complete the accident reporting and claim process, the user can then proceed to an ARC. About half of the Singapore Accident Statement (SAS) would already be complete with information from the accident report, as well as policy information populated by AIG Singapore.
  • This translates into shorter time spent at the ARC, speeding up the entire accident reporting and claims submission process.

For users who want to file an accident report only

  • If there is no claim to be submitted, the user can file an accident report remotely via the online platform that offers round-the-clock availability to meet the 24 hours reporting requirement.
  • The process only takes less than 10 minutes for the user to complete the online reporting without the need to visit the ARC. A copy of the SAS will be sent to the user via email by the next working day.

Currently available via the AIG website, the online accident reporting platform will be available through AIG’s mobile application by year end.

To make an accident report online, please visit:


1General Insurance Association (GIA)

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