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As recognized leader in underwriting healthcare risks globally, AIG provides comprehensive insurance coverage and sound risk management to this highly specialized industry. Read our Healthcare Insurance at a Glance to learn more.


As the healthcare industry balances patient safety with limited resources, they face claims from a variety of sources, including shareholders, patients and regulatory bodies. These claims often involve serious allegations and defending these can require millions of dollars in legal expenses alone.

We develop coverages that are more effective for healthcare sectors that frequently operate under severe liability pressure. We provide a variety of customisable products that address the distinct risks of our healthcare providers, whether for-profit or not-for-profit, publically traded or privately held.

Our underwriting, claims and loss control staff work together to provide a fast and responsive customer service experience, leveraging an array of expert resources to help healthcare providers to manage and minimise incidents and claims when they occur.

Patient Safety Video

(Patient Safety Video from the US team)

Our Insurance Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Addresses the liability of companies arising from data protection laws, the management of personal data and the consequences of losing corporate information.

Provides the most innovative and extensive insurance for your directors and officers.

A manufacturer may be held liable for bodily injury or damage to property of others caused by defective products.

Provides financial protection for professionals who sustain financial losses arising from negligence on their part or their employees’ part whilst providing professional services.

Public Liability provides indemnity to an Insured for his legal liabilities as well as legal liabilities of his representatives and employees arising in connection with the Insured’s business, carried out at and from the specific place of business.

An employer may be legally liable to provide compensation to his workers and their dependents for personal injury/death by accident arising out of and during the course of employment. The Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) covers the employer for such liabilities.