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AIG CyberPal

Help Strengthen the Security of Your Home Network and Smart Devices

Although you have secured the physical doors and windows of your home, have you secured the doors and windows that are invisible to you?

Cyber criminals are aware that many of us fail to secure our home network and smart devices. And these digital entry points serve as ways to intrude into our homes and lives. 

48% of respondents experienced at least one cybersecurity lapse within a year

2018 Cybersecurity Public Awareness Survey* conducted in Singapore found that 48% of respondents experienced at least one cybersecurity lapse within just one year, which means almost half of us were victims of a cybersecurity lapse.


Examples of Cyber Attacks

Hack your security camera to spy on you.

Steal banking information and passwords.

Plant malware attacks through phishing emails.

Which is why we created a free cybertool to help Introducing AIG CyberPal

How it works:

Step 1

AIG CyberPal scans all devices connected to your home WiFi network.

Step 2

It shows you your home’s overall cyber safety level.

Step 3

It recommends specific tasks to strengthen your home's cyber safety.

AIG CyberPal also features:

Notifications when it detects a cyber threat, or if there is any related cybersecurity news from around the world.

A chatbot to provide general support and guidance in the event of a potential cyber threat.

E-vouchers as rewards when you perform its recommended cyber safety tasks.

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These are the tasks AIG CyberPal will recommend to help improve various aspects of your home’s cyber safety.

Improved Passwords

Hackers like to target devices which use default or weak passwords because they are easy to penetrate. Therefore, having a strong password is crucial.

• Ensure your password is at least 8 characters long, with a mix of numbers, special characters, uppercase letters and lowercase letters.
• Set up 2-factor authentication (essentially, a 2-part login process requiring the use of 2 separate devices) to substantially increase security levels.
• Set up biometric (such as fingerprint-based) authentication to ensure no one else can access your accounts.

Software Updates

Hackers tend to seek out devices which are still running old software as they are more vulnerable to attacks. Installing the latest software updates will increase the device’s security.

• Be diligent in applying Windows Automatic Updates.
• Keep your printer firmware updated.
• Apply the latest software patch updates.

Adjusted Settings

Hackers can use machine learning to scan for devices with vulnerabilities they can exploit. You can fix these vulnerabilities when you change your settings, patch your software and install security products.

• Turn off your microphone.
• Turn off the voice purchasing function.
• Disable automatic logins.
• Activate “Find my iPhone”.

Security Products

The security products you install will proactively seek out attackers and identify specific types of attacks; and alert you to take action. In some cases, they may even stop those attacks on their own.


• Enable your device’s firewall.
• Encrypt your data.
• Encrypt your storage drives.

New threats and vulnerabilities to your device/network discovered (such as an alert that iPhone’s 4-digit password can be easily bypassed by hackers - so users are advised to change to a 6-digit password). Global cybersecurity news specific to your device (so if Apple Pay gets hacked, iOS users will be notified to stay alert).
Discovery of a new devices on your home network (so you can add them to your list of devices, allowing AIG CyberPal to keep track of them and recommend tasks to improve their security levels). Confirmation that cyber safety tasks you performed have been done correctly (for certain tasks which may require verification by the team behind AIG CyberPal, via a photo submission).

AIG CyberPal Rewards

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Our latest cyber safety tips

These are our latest top tips for countering cyber threats. As these threats evolve continuously, be sure you use the free AIG CyberPal app to stay updated on the latest cyber safety tips!

Remember to update your passwords every 6 months.

Use a secure network when you are performing activities which involve sensitive information (such as online banking transactions).

Be alert for suspicious activity on your accounts. If you spot something unfamiliar, it might mean your account has been compromised.