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AIG On the Go - User Privacy Statement

Effective Date: 7th February 2016

Scope and Application

AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. (“AIG Singapore”, “we”, “us”) collects and holds information about you when you sign up for and use the AIG On the Go mobile application (“AIG On the Go”) and when, through your use of AIG On the Go or otherwise, you purchase insurance from AIG Singapore or have any communications with AIG Singapore for these purposes. This Privacy Statement sets out what and how information is collected, why it is collected, to whom it may be transferred and how you may gain access to/request correction of such information or change your choice with regards to receiving promotional and/or marketing material. It is entirely voluntary for you to provide such information, but there is certain information you must provide a) to access AIG On the Go in the first place; and b) to use all functionalities of AIG On the Go.

By signing up to use AIG On the Go you agree to the information you submit or which is collected through AIG On the Go being collected, processed, used and transferred in the manner identified in this User Privacy Statement.

Promotional Communications

A feature of AIG On the Go is that you are able to convert your driving score into applicable discounts for your next motor insurance purchase with AIG Singapore. The discount feature of AIG On the Go enables you to see the type of premium discount you may be able to obtain based on your driving score.

What information does AIG On the Go collect?

1. What information do we ask you to provide directly to us and why?

You will note that we collect your e-mail address when you first register for AIG On the Go and ask you to complete certain information in the “Personal Information” section of the app. The reason we ask you to provide certain information is as follows:

Your e-mail address - When you first download AIG On the Go we ask you to provide your e-mail address, which we use to generate a password for you. Without you providing this information,  you will not be able to start using AIG On the Go. We also use your email address to communicate with you on queries you have on, or to provide you with information in relation to AIG On the Go. Further (unless you have exercised your right to “opt out” of receiving promotional material), we may use this to contact you to market our insurance products and services and/or inform or enrol you in contests and other similar promotions.

Your first name – We collect your first name which will be the name displayed on AIG On the Go with your score which will both be visible to other users of AIG On the Go. You need to provide this in order to use AIG On the Go.

Vehicle registration number – We collect this information for eligibility and identification purposes. You are only eligible to use AIG On the Go if you are a licensed driver with a vehicle registered to your name which has also been provided to AIG Singapore when you signed up for AIG On the Go. As such, the provision of this information is a necessary condition of you accessing the functionality of AIG On the Go. If you choose to purchase insurance from us or enter any competition through AIG On the Go, then we will also use this information to effect that purchase. In that event, this information will be used for the insurance related purposes as shown in our standard Privacy Statement.

2. What information does AIG On the Go collect and access when it is in use and why?

When you sign up for AIG On the Go, it is clearly indicated that AIG On the Go requires access to certain information. The type of information, the reasons why AIG On the Go requires access to them and the time at which the information is accessed are set out below:

Location Information – AIG On the Go functions by collecting precise location data about your trip when you drive. This is to enable AIG On the Go to detect your acceleration, cornering, speed, braking  and other measurements which make for safe driving. It is therefore necessary for permission to be given through the permission system of your mobile operating system for AIG On the Go to be used for its main purpose of assessing your performance as a driver.

Motion Detection – To record the safety measurements of your driving (accelerating, cornering, speed, braking) AIG On the Go needs to access the activity recognition functionality of your mobile phone’s operating system. It is therefore necessary for you to allow such access to AIG On the Go through your mobile operating system in order to assess your safety performance as a driver.

Network/Wifi states – AIG On the Go collects the location information in real time whilst you are connected via your mobile operator’s network or Wifi. However, if that connection is interrupted, the information is stored locally in your mobile phone until a connection is available. It is therefore necessary for permission to be given for AIG On the Go to access your network or Wifi information through your mobile operating system so that AIG On the Go can assess your driving performance.

Contacts Information – AIG On the Go provides you with the functionality to invite friends in your contacts list to register for AIG On the Go. If you wish to do this, however, it is necessary for you to permit access to the address book on your device through the permission system used by your mobile phone platform. We will only use such information if you use the “invite friends” function.

Important information about platform permissions

Most mobile platforms have defined certain types of device data that apps cannot access without your permission and platforms provide different permission systems for gaining your consent. The iOS platform alerts you the first time AIG On the Go wants access to a particular function (usually the first time you use that function) and asks you to give permission for that function to be used at that point. Android devices will notify you of all the permissions AIG On the Go may need for all functions when you first register for the app and your use of the app constitutes your consent. The above explanations, we hope, gives you full details of the functionalities which AIG On the Go needs access to, why and when it will use them.


3. What information may be collected from other sources?

A feature of AIG On the Go enables you to share your score and other information on your social media sites. Your use of this feature will enable the sharing of information with your friends or the public, depending on the privacy settings you set within your social media service. Please check the privacy policies of your social media service for information on your privacy settings.


4. Which third parties we may transfer your data to?

Information collected through AIG On the Go is stored on cloud servers run by a third party cloud hosting provider. The information is also downloaded to AIG Singapore which utilizes shared service hubs run by AIG affiliate or third party cloud hosting companies for data storage and management. On-going application support for AIG On the Go is provided by a third party software service provider with whom AIG Singapore contracts, who in providing such support requires access to the data collected through AIG On the Go.

For the above third parties to have the data access required, data collected through AIG On the Go is transferred to places outside of Singapore (where the cloud data centres and AIG data centres are based and where the service providers are based). Where such a transfer is performed, it will be done in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. The countries/jurisdictions to which personal data is transferred by AIG Singapore include, without limitation,

  • the United States of America, 
  • Malaysia, 
  • Singapore;
  • the Philippines; and
  • the European Union.

If you purchase insurance from AIG Singapore using AIG On the Go, the third parties to whom your data may be transferred and the purposes related to this are set out in Privacy Statement on our website.

Opt- out

Opt- out for Promotional Communications 

We will use your e-mail address to contact you from time to time about our insurance products which may be of interest to you. You may opt out of receiving such promotional messages from us at any time by sending SMS to 76161 in the following format “optoutNRIC/FIN number” or call us at +65 6419 3000.  Alternatively, you can opt out via our website by filling in this form

Upon receipt of any opt-out request from you, AIG Singapore will, at no cost to you, act on your request and ensure that your personal data will not be used as indicated in your request.


Your Right of Access and Correction

In respect of any personal data collected from you and held by us through AIG On the Go, you have the following rights:

  1. to check whether AIG Singapore holds data relating to you and to access such data; 
  2. to require AIG Singapore to correct any data relating to you which is inaccurate; and 
  3. to ascertain AIG Singapore’s policies and practices in relation to personal data. 

To exercise any right of access and/or correction of personal data above you may send us your request via our website by filling in this form. AIG Singapore will correct the personal data as soon as practicable upon verifying its authenticity and validity and in compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (Act 26 of 2012).