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It pays to report insurance fraud

It’s easy not to, of course. It’s easy to let things slide when we see insurance fraud. It doesn’t appear to hurt us directly; and sometimes it might seem like we’re even benefiting from it.

But let's think ahead

Fraudulent claims and practices are more sinister than they appear. In the long run, they will cause insurance premiums to creep up for everyone - including you and your family.

Over time, you may end up having to pay far more than what you gained through fraud.

So it really is in your best interests to report insurance fraud if you witness it, or are asked to be involved in it.

What's considered fraud?

Here are a few examples of insurance fraud cases to give you a better idea how to identify fraudulent activities when you see them.

Some travellers may deliberately inflict severe damage on their old, worn luggage bags; then make a false report that the bags were damaged during transit in order to make a cash claim from their insurance company.

Physiotherapy patients may collude with their doctors to go for more treatment sessions than required and charge those extra sessions to their insurance companies.

Individuals involved in a minor accident may make a false claim about more severe injuries than they actually sustained, in order to receive a larger cash payout from insurance.

Report fraud & be rewarded

The General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) has introduced the GIA Insurance Fraud Tip-Off (GIFT) scheme, which offers cash rewards to witnesses who report insurance fraud. Should your report leads to successful prosecution and conviction of offenders, you will receive up to S$10,000.

Click here for the terms and conditions of the GIFT Reward Scheme.

AIG is not responsible for the GIFT Reward Scheme, which is neither organised nor administered by AIG

Witness Protection: an AIG bonus

AIG leads the way in support of the GIFT Reward Scheme with the most fun-filled ‘protection’ for witnesses who come forward: 1 KrisFlyer mile for every dollar they receive from the GIA.

This means each witness could receive up to 10,000 KrisFlyer miles to take a well-deserved holiday away from it all.

Above all, your identity would be kept confidential.

Terms & conditions apply. 

Witnessed insurance fraud?

Claim your Witness Protection

Claim your KrisFlyer miles here should your report to the GIA resulted in successful action against the perpetrators! Just send us the details below and we’ll be in touch within 4 weeks.


AIG's Witness Protection programme is subject to these terms & conditions