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AIG Witness Protection Campaign (the "Campaign")

Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") 


About the Campaign

1.    The Campaign is solely organised, promoted and administered by AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. (“AIG”). All participants in the Campaign shall be subject to these Terms. AIG, at its sole and absolute discretion, reserves (a) the right to amend the Terms without any prior notice to participants; and (b) the right to cancel the Campaign. By participating in the Campaign, participants shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the Terms as may be amended from time to time.

2.     The Campaign is an initiative developed by AIG based on the General Insurance Association (“GIA”) Insurance Fraud Tip-Off (“GIFT”) Reward Scheme to combat insurance fraud. For more information about GIFT, visit

3.     The Campaign will run from Friday, 12 July 2019 18:00 (GMT +8) to Tuesday, 31 December 2019, 23:59 (GMT +8) (the “Campaign Period”).



4.     Employees and representatives of AIG and/or its subsidiaries, affiliates, authorised dealers / distributors, agents, the immediate family members of such employees and representatives and anyone otherwise connected with the organisation of the Campaign are not eligible to participate in the Campaign.

5.     Under the Campaign, each informant who successfully submits an insurance fraud report under the GIFT Reward Scheme and receives a pay-out from GIA under the said scheme (each an “Informant”) will be eligible to participate in the Campaign and, subject to these Terms and in particular the maximum number of awardees stipulated in paragraph 6, will be entitled to receive from AIG 1 KrisFlyer mile for each dollar of the said pay-out up to a maximum of 10,000 KrisFlyer miles (“Award”). Where the pay-out amount is not a whole number, it shall be rounded up for the purpose of determining the number of KrisFlyer miles to be awarded.

6.     A maximum number of 5 Informants, to be determined on a “first-come, first-served” basis, will be entitled to receive the Award, provided that each Informant will only be entitled to receive the Award once.

7.     Informant must give the following particulars and contact details to AIG to be eligible for the award: full name, email address and contact number.


Notification and Earning of KrisFlyer miles

8.     An Informant wishing to participate in the Campaign shall submit his details as specified in paragraph 7 above to AIG. Within 4 weeks after the Informant submits such details to AIG, if the said Informant has been selected for an Award under the Terms, a notification email (“Notification”) will be sent to the email address which the Informant provided to notify the Informant of his/her having been selected. No replacement Notification shall be sent if the email delivery was unsuccessful for any reason whatsoever (including if an incorrect email address was provided by the Informant).

9.     The Informant who has been notified that he/she has been selected for an Award must respond to AIG within 7 days of the Notification and provide satisfactory documentary evidence of his/her receipt of the GIA pay-out, and his/her KrisFlyer membership number to claim his/her Award. If for any reason whatsoever an Informant does not so claim the Award within the stipulated timeframe, the Award will be deemed forfeited, and AIG may select another Informant for the Award or dispose of the Award in any manner that it deems fit, at its sole and absolute discretion.

10. Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph 9, non-compliance with the Terms and/or the breach of any other requirements communicated by AIG to participants may result in the immediate disqualification of an Informant, and the selection of a new Informant for the Award or the disposal of the Award in any manner that it deems fit, at AIG’s sole and absolute discretion.

11. The Informant must be an existing KrisFlyer member in order to earn KrisFlyer miles. Visit to find out more about the KrisFlyer programme.

12. To be credited with KrisFlyer miles, the Informant’s details (i.e. Full Name and KrisFlyer membership number) provided must match the KrisFlyer programme records. In the event that details provided by the Informant do not match the KrisFlyer programme records, AIG may, but shall not be obliged to, inform the Informant via email of the discrepancy. However AIG will not be responsible for any failure to credit miles or any erroneous crediting of miles if the same is due to the provision of incorrect information by the Informant

13. The KrisFlyer miles earned will be credited into the Informant’s KrisFlyer membership account within 30 days after submission of the KrisFlyer membership number.

14. AIG is not the issuer of KrisFlyer miles. KrisFlyer miles are subject to terms and conditions imposed by the issuer, Singapore Airlines Limited, and AIG will not accept any liability in relation thereto. The KrisFlyer Terms and Conditions may be referred to here. Any enquiry or complaint regarding the KrisFlyer miles or the goods redeemed by / service relating thereto should be directed to the issuer of the KrisFlyer miles.


15. The Award is not transferable or exchangeable for cash, credit or kind. AIG reserves the right to replace the Award with other items of similar value without prior notice.

16. To the extent permitted by law, no representations or warranties are made as to the quality, suitability or merchantability of any Award (or any part of it) awarded as part of the Campaign.


Use of Participant’s Submitted Information

17. By participating in the Campaign, each participant grants his/her consent to AIG for AIG to:

a.     collect personal data/information about him/her in respect of his/her participation in the Campaign (“Personal Data”); and

b.     use his/her Personal data and disclose his/her Personal Data to AIG’s related companies and/or other third parties (as the case may be) in order to carry out the implementation and administration of the Campaign.

18. Save as provided in paragraph 17, AIG will not disclose any information collected from the Informant to the public.



19. Each Informant shall indemnify AIG and their agents, employees, representatives, associates, affiliates, parent and subsidiary companies, associates and partners against any and all claim, losses, costs, damages, liability and expenses arising out of the Informant’s breach of any of these Terms.

20. Acceptance of any Award shall, to the extent permitted by law, constitute a full release and discharge of AIG by the Informant from any and all liability, claims, demands, and/or actions which the Informant may have, whether known or unknown at the present time, of any nature whatsoever, arising out of or relating to the Campaign.

21. AIG is not responsible for, and will not accept nor entertain any correspondence relating to, any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line systems, servers, or providers, computer software and/or equipment, failure of any e-mail account and/or other forms of communication, or any combination thereof that relates to or affects a participant’s participation in the Campaign.

22. AIG shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever which is suffered (including but not limited to direct or consequential loss) or for any personal injury suffered or sustained in connection with the use of any Award except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.



23. The Terms shall be governed and construed according to the laws of Singapore. By participating in Campaign, each participant submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore in the determination of any matter or dispute arising in connection therewith.

24. AIG reserves the sole and absolute right to (i) disqualify any participant from his/her participation in the Campaign for any reason whatsoever; (ii) disqualify any participant from receiving any Award; and/or (iii) require the return of any such Awards at any time for any reason whatsoever. In the event of (iii), AIG reserves the right to either select any other Informant to receive the Award or to dispose of the Award in any manner that it deems fit, at its sole and absolute discretion.

25. AIG’s decisions on all matters relating to the Campaign will be at its sole and absolute discretion and will be final and binding on all parties, and no correspondence will be entered into in relation to the same.

- End of Terms and Conditions -