Celebrating Women in the Workplace

The International Women's Day 2019 campaign theme of #BalanceforBetter is a call to action for promoting gender balance across the world. In conjunction with our centennial year, we asked 100 women,

"What does gender balance mean to you?"

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100 years of service and aspirations for gender balance

Women who Inspire

In this section, we feature stories about Women who Inspire, as told by our colleagues.

"My Wonder Woman"

To me, Priscilla is like a treasure trove because there’s nothing she doesn’t know. Whenever I have things I am not clear about, or if I get into trouble… She’s the first person I think about. She inspires me to be that person someday; to gain the trust and confidence from others such that they know that I’ll always be there for them.


Andy, on how Priscilla inspires him.

"Behind every success there is a Woman"

As they say, behind every success there is a woman... this holds true for our success in Auto Insurance as Joey has led the business in underwriting and brought us to the market leadership position. She leads in her personal life too by being an amazing mother to her 2 kids. Her inspirational leadership, knowledge, confidence at home and at work inspire and motivate me.


Om, on how Joey inspires him.

"Where do you find someone like her"

It’s not easy to find someone who is a driven, intelligent and competent leader, who is also your friend at the same time. Yi Lin is only a year older than me, but the guidance, help and encouragement she provides, along with her skills and level of experience, makes me feel like she’s way older than she actually is (oops, sorry Yi Lin!). She is always helpful, adventurous, fun and above all, is a great mentor and teammate.


Stan, on how Yi Lin inspires him.


She inspires me with her resilience, humility and brilliance. There isn't a day that goes by without learning something from her, be it at work, or in character.

If I am in doubt and she isn't around, I'll always ask "What Would Yanwen Do?"


Shereen, on how Yanwen inspires her.

"The energy pill we all need"

Shereen is the person you need to get through a tough day. She is the person who can make a great day even better. She has the amazing ability to bring positive energy with her and influence those around her. She inspires me to be a better person everyday. She is the human version of an energy pill.


Yanwen, on how Shereen inspires her.