AIG Landlord Insurance: A Win-Win Insurance Policy for Tenants and Landlords

For Tenants For Landlords
  • No more hefty security deposits
  • Receive a 20% rebate* at the end of the policy term
  • Seamless purchase while renting your property on SRX

*Subject to no claims

  • Peace of mind for your contents, fixtures and fittings in the event of fire, flooding, smoke and theft by violent and forcible entry.
  • Comprehensive coverage includes loss of rent#, legal costs and clean up costs

#Up to 6 months

How it works:

Purchase an AIG Landlord Insurance policy at cost that is a fraction of your monthly rent – significantly less than the two-months' rent security deposit typically required to secure a lease.

No More Security Deposit. No More Disputes.

What's in it for Landlords?

Watch to learn about the benefits of AIG Landlord Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When you pay a security deposit directly to the landlord, your money is locked in for the lease duration. With this policy, your money is not locked in for the lease duration, allowing better cash flow for yourself. The landlord enjoys peace of mind as the policy also covers the landlord’s contents, fixtures and fittings in the event of a fire or flood.

Personal details of the landlord, tenant and occupier, insured risk location (tenanted unit), monthly rental amount and tenancy period.

Currently, only Singaporeans, permanent residents of Singapore and the following passholders are eligible to purchase this policy: Employment Pass, EntrePass and Personalised Employment Pass.

We currently only offer the policy for whole unit rentals.

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