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10 tips for a smoother ride

1. Fuel up- Top up your tank to ¾ full!

Commonly referred to as the "three-quarter tank rule", all Singapore-registered vehicles departing Singapore from land checkpoints are required to have a minimum amount of fuel (3/4 tank). As of 1 April 2019, this rule applies to vehicles running on petrol, compressed natural gas (CNG) and diesel.

Not meeting the rule may result in you being fined up to S$500, or be prosecuted in court. You may even be required to make a U-turn home. Read more about the rule here!

2. Change your Malaysian Ringgit in Singapore

Rather than risking the less than competitive rates overseas, or the additional pit stops after the arduous journey across the border, stay ahead by exchanging your currency in Singapore.

Shout out to our friends over at MoneySmart, they've consolidated a list of the best money changers in Singapore (even indicating which outlets have the best rates for selected currencies!)


3. Check that your in-car camera is working (or install one)
  1. Protect against break-ins, vandalism and damage.
  2. The video evidence is defense against legal liability in case of accidents. 
  3. If your vehicle is insured by AIG, you can lower your excess payments by up to S$1,000 when you share your footage with us. 


4. Check the traffic conditions before you go

OneMotoring and have live camera feeds of the traffic conditions at both the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints, giving you a rough idea of what you can expect prior to embarking on your journey!


5. Book your favorite massage parlor / nail parlor / hair salon / restaurant in advance

This is highly recommended especially for the long weekends! Imagine how frustrating it would be to have finally survived a long-haul jam only to find out that all your favorite places are already fully booked.


6. Plan your routes in advance and download the offline map before you cross the Customs'!

Definitely a must-do if you do not wish to activate overseas data and if you are not intending to purchase a SIM card in Malaysia. Google Maps is a great option as you can use the app like you normally would, even without access to the internet! Read all about it here.


7. Keep your car safe – lock your steering wheel when you park

While a locked steering wheel probably would not faze a professional car thief, it is still one additional step and may help to deter them.

  1. Park head-in and turn off the engine 
  2. Turn your steering wheel fully clockwise or anti-clockwise till you hear a click and that will indicate that your steering wheel is locked!


8. Always keep your valuables and CashCard out of sight

Either bring them along with you or make sure to hide them under the car seat or in the car boot!


9. EZ-Link x Touch 'n Go Card (Coming soon!)

3 benefits: 1. Convenient. 2. Fast. 3. Can be used at over 9,000 points across Malaysia.

The existing Touch ‘n Go card is a prepaid card, commonly used for paying toll fees at the Customs', parking charges and at selected retail stores. (Pssst, with this card you can also enter dedicated lanes at the Customs'!)

We're completely stoked to hear that EZ-Link and Touch 'n Go are working together to develop a dual currency Combi card, meaning less fuss for us in both Singapore and Malaysia. The target launch is in the 4th quarter of 2019. Stay tuned!


10. Last but not least – insurance!
  1. Check your car insurance coverage and be sure to have the important hotlines with you. If you need assistance on the road, we’re here for you – call our 24-hour Auto Assist hotline at 6338 6200.
  2. Buy a suitable travel insurance plan that gives you the coverage you and your family need.

We strongly recommend our Travel Guard® Direct Enhanced and Supreme plans, especially if you’re renting a car! 

Start your preparing for your journey here or speak to your agent today.

Safe travels!