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Protection Designed for Seniors

Senior Personal Accident Insurance

Age does not slow you down, only accidents, and when that happens it’s good to know that you’re covered. Advanced Silver personal accident plan provides the coverage and assurance you need to stay active and live your life to the fullest. Take an active step to protect your loved ones. With increasing healthcare costs, Advanced Silver helps ease the financial burden of medical and caregiving bills on your family.


Key Benefits

Accidental permanent disablement

If an accident results in permanent physical impairment, you can claim up to S$80,000 to get yourself back on track after an accident

Fractures, dislocations, severe burns & specified injuries

Receive up to S$3,000 when you suffer an accident that results in fractures, dislocations, severe burns, or other specified injures

Caregiving support

Up to S$3,000 reimbursement for doctor-recommended senior daycare (or home nursing) services should an accident result in hospital confinement of 10 days or more

Mobility aid reimbursement

To get you back on track after an accident, you will be reimbursed up to S$5,000 for the cost or rental of a mobility aid

Recuperation benefit

If you are confined in hospital for 10 days or more following an accident, you will receive a payout of up to S$250 to help with daily expenses

Legacy expenses

A lump sum of up to S$30,000 will be awarded to your beneficiaries in the event of death due to an accident

Loss of independent existence due to injury

Should an accident leave you unable to perform three out of six activities of daily living, you will receive up to S$48,000 to ease you in the transition to a new life

Recommended Add-Ons

Living care (Recommended)

If an accident or illness leaves you unable to perform three out of six activities of daily living, you will receive up to $48,000 to ease into a new routine

Accident medical reimbursement - complementary and alternative medicine (Sublimit S$500)

Recovering from an accident-related injury is always challenging, but we make it a little easier by reimbursing up to S$2,000 of your medical expenses

Daily hospital income (Injury)

Reduce the financial impact of a hospital stay with cash payments while you recover from an injury in the hospital. Get to receive daily cash of S$50 to S$150 for up to 30 days per injury 

Daily hospital Income (Illness)

Receive daily cash of S$50 to S$150 for up to 15 days when you are hospitalised from an illness

Complimentary Coverage With Any Optional Add-Ons

Enjoy complimentary coverage when you choose an optional add-on.

Road Traffic Accidents

Accidental Medical Reimbursement of up to S$3,000 of your medical expenses

Ambulance and Transport Fees

In the event of an injury, we will reimburse the ambulance (or other land transportation) fee to the hospital and back home upon discharge from your hospital stay


This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC).  Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. or visit the AIG, GIA or SDIC websites ( or or


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