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Enhanced Public Housing Contents Insurance - Terms & Conditions

I declare:

1. That in respect of any risks to be insured:       

     i.  No loss, damage, injury or liability has arisen in the last three (3) years; and      
     ii. There are no reasons that may cause my property to be at higher risk of loss or damage than normal.

2. That the above particulars are true and correct and I agree that my warranties, declaration and disclosures herein shall form the basis of the contract between AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd. (AIG) and myself if the application is being approved.   

4. That I am ordinarily resident in Singapore as defined by the Insurance Act (Cap.142) (Amendment of First Schedule) Order 2010.

5. That I have received, read and understood, or have been advised of and understand, the contents of the brochure and any information material relating to this insurance product. 

I agree and consent, and if I am submitting information relating to another individual, I represent and warrant that I have the authority to provide that information to AIG, I have informed the individual about the purposes for which his/her personal information is collected, used and disclosed as well as the parties to whom such personal information may be disclosed by AIG, as set out in the contents of the consent clause contained below and the individual agrees and consents, that AIG may collect, use and process my/his/her personal information (whether obtained in this application form or otherwise obtained) and disclose such information to the following, whether in or outside of Singapore: (i) AIG’s group companies; (ii) AIG’s (or AIG’s group companies’) service providers, reinsurers, agents, distributors, business partners; (iii) brokers, my/his/her authorised agents or representatives, legal process participants and their advisors, other financial institutions; (iv) governmental / regulatory authorities, industry associations, courts, other alternative dispute resolution forums, for the purposes stated in AIG’s Data Privacy Policy which include:

a) Processing, underwriting, administering and managing my/his/her relationship with AIG;
b) Audit, compliance, investigation and inspection purposes and handling regulatory / governmental enquiries; 
c) Compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, risk management procedures and AIG internal policies; 
d) Managing AIG’s infrastructure and business operations; and 
e) Carrying out market research and analysis and satisfaction surveys. 

Note: Please refer to (and if submitting information relating to another individual, refer such individual to) the full version of AIG’s Data Privacy Policy found at before you provide your consent, and/or the above representation and warranty.

I also consent, and if I am submitting information relating to another individual, I represent and warrant that such individual also consents, to AIG, AIG’s group companies, service providers and business partners using, processing and disclosing my/his/her personal information to:

a) enrol me/him/her in contests, prize draws and similar promotions; and
b) contact me/him/her to market other insurance, and/or financial products and/or services of AIG, AIG’s group companies and/or AIG’s business partners. 

If you or such individual wishes to opt out of being enrolled in contests, prize draws and similar promotions and from receiving marketing messages, please send an SMS to 76161 in the following format “optout<space>NRIC/FIN number” or call us at +65 6419 3000. Alternatively, you or such individual can opt out via our website at