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7 little tips to travel better, together! 

We constantly think ahead for you, this includes sharing little tips and reminders that you may forget while rushing to pack for the upcoming holidays. 
Read more and check these items off your list before leaving for your trip! 
1. Smartphone charger

We know how frustrating it can be when you have everything in your phone but it runs out of battery! It is especially easy to forget our charger as we usually charge our phones right before leaving our homes. 

Don't leave your portable chargers behind but make sure they aren't in your check-in luggage! 


2. Empty water bottle(s)

Bring these along so you can fill them up right before you board. Pssst, you're also reducing the use of single-use plastics, one bottle at a time!


3. Neck-pillow + eye mask

Cannot. Do. Without.


4. Check-in online

Online check-in typically opens 48 hours to 90 minutes before your flight. Do this to save yourself from spending time queuing at the airport. Most airlines now also have a dedicated baggage drop off section! Better yet, pack light and just travel with carry-on bags for short trips! Definitely something to do for a less stressful boarding experience!


5. Load or Offline download your videos / games / books /music onto your phones / tablets!

Whether it's for your children or yourself - being on the flight is the best time to finally catch up on all the reading or episodes you've missed!


6. Moisturizers, lip balms and wet wipes

We're blessed with nice and humid weather all year around in Singapore so we tend to forget these items! Pack them in your carry-on bags to beat the dry cabin air. Wet wipes double up as a sanitiser and help to beat the dry cabin air, simply put it over your nose while breathing - you'll instantly feel the difference! For extra pampering, bring a facial mask onboard too.


7. Copies of important documents

Take a picture and save your important travel documents (passport, hotel check-in details, tour / transport receipts and travel insurance details) in your phone and your email. Trust us, in case you lose your passport and/or your phone, you will be so glad you have access to this somewhere.

If you bought AIG's Travel Guard Direct and require assistance while travelling, please call our 24-hour overseas emergency assistance hotline at 6733 2552.

Safe travels!