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Work Injury Compensation Act

Protect employers from claims under WICA


Premium Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) Insurance and Employer’s Liability (EL) product that provides policyholders with superior protection for their employees.

Medical Rehabiliation

A proven method to manage serious accidents and promotes early return to work.

Responsive Partner

With 24-hour report line to allow early intervention of accident


Health and Safety Management Support 

A pro-active approach in identifying hazards in the worksite and implementing methods to manage these risks.

Who is it for?

High-hazard risk industries such as shipyard, offshore, scaffolding, diving, airline to low-hazard office risk

What is covered?

The Work Injury Compensation policy covers the employer for such liabilities in respect of specified workers and is compulsory as per Section 23 of the Work Injury Compensation Act (Cap. 354) in Singapore.

Enhanced medical expenses of S$50,000 per employee, per accident (statutory requirement is S$30,000).