Beware of phishing scams. For more information, please visit our Safety Tips page.

Insurance fraud is a serious concern for AIG. Insurance fraud committed by third parties adversely impacts the company, the industry, our policy holders, business partners, consumers and the general public.

Alert about abetment to make fraudulent claims

We have been alerted that some of our car insurance policy holders, who were involved in car accidents, have been approached by and received SMS messages from individuals claiming to be from AIG and who can provide advice about the submission of car insurance claims. The individuals then get in touch with and abet our policy holders to inflate their claims or submit fraudulent ones. Some of our policy holders have also received SMS messages which are purportedly sent by AIG and provide contact details for an individual they can get in touch with on claims procedures.

An example of the SMS message is shown above. Please be informed that AIG does not send out such messages to any of its car insurance policy holders regarding their claims.

We would like to remind members of the public to exercise caution so that you do not unwittingly fall prey to such tactics. To protect yourselves, always verify the SMS message and call AIG at 6419 3000 if you find the SMS message suspicious so that we can advise you accordingly. You can also report car insurance fraud to the General Insurance Association of Singapore at 1800 4437283.