Safety Tips

At AIG, we are committed to providing cybersecurity safeguards for our customers. There are also important steps that you can take to protect yourself from cyber attempts and scams.

Here are some of the common online threats and security tips that you can take to protect yourself:


In a phishing attack, scammers impersonate legitimate organisations to trick a user into revealing sensitive information. Phishing attempts are typically conducted through emails, SMS, social messaging platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp), or phone calls. Scammers utilising phishing may come across as trustworthy or official parties and may claim to assist with or alert recipients of legal, financial, or cybersecurity issues or events. 

Security Tips

  • Protect your personal information with strong passwords
  • Make sure your devices are secure
  • Always connect to a secure WiFi network that you can trust 

When accessing AIG information and platforms:

  • Always type our website in the address bar on your browser to ensure you are reaching AIG’s website.
    • Official AIG domains:
      • or
      • or
      • or
      • or

  • Only use AIG’s official mobile applications to view or access your accounts on mobile devices. Our apps are only available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
    • Official AIG Singapore Mobile Apps:
      • AIG SG App
      • AIG On the Go
      • AIG CyberPal

  • Ensure that messages you receive come from AIG through one of our official channels.
    • Our official addresses for SMS notifications:
      • AIG
      • 76161

    • Our official email domains:

  • Call us immediately at 6419 3000, if you notice unauthorised transactions appearing on your account.