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All Risks and Business Interruption



Truly global approach

We are a leading provider of risk management and loss prevention services for energy and engineered risks worldwide. Our extensive global team of specialists in underwriting, engineering, claims, and multinational disciplines, ensure a truly global approach to protecting and insuring your business.



Loss control

You’ll also benefit from the experience of our global loss control consultants, including power generator, oil and petrochemical, chemical, fire protection and mechanical engineers. They have dealt with virtually all types of energy exposures and operations and understand the inherent hazards of each activity type. They will work with you to identify and assess the risks of even the most complex facilities, providing recommendations on loss prevention and control issues to help you maintain reliable operations and help reduce your exposure to loss. 

Who is covered?

Businesses operating in the following industries:

  • Oil and petrochemicals
  • Power generation, utilities and alternative energy
  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Mining and related industries

What is covered?

This product covers accidental physical loss, destruction or damage to property insured other than by an excluded cause and subsequent business interruption loss resulting from such interruption or interference.