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Special Risks

Crisis support for your business and your employees


At AIG, we recognise that our clients face an increasingly broad and complex range of threats. This is why our Crisis Solutions policy does not only focus on traditional kidnap, but also on the wider issues that our clients may face: from extortion, to disappearance or larger scale detention situations, and threats against company employees, their families and private clients.

Who is it for?

Any client with travel exposure overseas and, in particular, to high risk locations. We have a broad risk appetite and offer both Corporate and Private policies. Our clients are drawn from many industries including aviation, oil and gas, energy and mining, construction and engineering, pharmaceutical, maritime, multinationals as well as NGOs, charities and other similar organisations.

What is covered?

Covered events include kidnapping (outside of Singapore), extortion, detention and hijacking. There is a suite of optional cover including assault, disappearance, political evacuation & repatriation, express kidnapping, malicious threats against an insured person and hostage crisis. We adopt a flexible underwriting approach and can tailor a policy to suit your specific needs. We are able to provide cover for short trips, annual and up to 36-month policies.

Key Benefits

  • Specialist Crisis Response consultants – access to 24/7 emergency response helpline in the event of a crisis, operated by trained security professionals
  • Our Specialist consultants have experience in crisis management and negotiation, and are drawn from various specialist fields including the military, law enforcement and intelligence services
  • Financial reimbursement under the policy includes Accident & Death Benefit, Loss in transit, legal liability (expense & indemnity), Business Interruption Loss, other reasonable and necessary expenses including salary, rest and rehabilitation, medical fees, personal financial loss and the cost of increased security