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Marine Loss Control Engineering


Proactive loss prevention

MLCE endeavours to avoid losses by analysing potential exposures and presenting tailored recommendations to minimise them. We provide clients with an outline of potential problems and their solutions based upon our loss control capabilities, local knowledge, and global strengths.

Effective Communication

MLCE strives to ensure open lines of communication, to act as a “knowledge center” and exchange essential information that will assist the client, underwriter and MLCE team in carrying out loss prevention initiatives during the policy period.

Experienced loss control professionals

Our Marine Loss Control Engineering (MLCE) team has experienced loss control professionals throughout the region to help policyholders reduce trade and transportation risks and minimise costly delays.

Reactive Loss Control

MLCE is committed to reducing future losses by analysing client loss frequency and severity trends on a frequent basis and implementing practical, feasible recommendations in accordance with the needs and requirements of each insured.

Who is it for?

Global Marine offers comprehensive Marine Loss Control Engineering (MLCE) services tailored for specific clientele ranging from manufacturers, marine terminals, ports and shipyards to logistics service providers, infrastructure projects and mega-yacht owners.

What is covered?

Please refer to the MLCE brochure in the Downloads section.