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Above and Beyond Car Insurance

Singapore's roads are some of the safest in the world.* But we're not a nation which rests on its laurels. Our Road Safety Campaign aims to make our roads even safer for every user.


To achieve this, we will work proactively to cultivate safer driving and better behaviour on the road. This way, we hope to reduce the chances of accidents happening. And thus offer you better protection over and above car insurance.


We believe prevention is better than compensation and hope these initiatives will help make our roads even safer.



Latest AIG Road Safety Initiatives

Singapore Motorshow 2019

We'll keep you ahead of risk. At the recent Singapore Motorshow, we wanted to educate drivers on the possible dangers on our roads. Having identified distractions while driving as one of the biggest dangers on the roads, AIG brought the message ‘Don’t Drive Distracted’ to road users in an effort to draw attention to the dangers of being distracted while driving.


Using Safe Driving Simulators at our booth, we helped drivers stay ahead of risks through realising that it is difficult to focus on safe driving while being distracted. By simulating certain situations where drivers are distracted, participants became more aware of how these distractions hamper safety on the road. They also walked away with a better understanding of our road rules and laws, so as to be truly safer on our roads.

AIG Road Safety Pledge

Make a commitment to bring your best every time you’re on the road. Whether you’re a driver, rider or pedestrian, we believe everyone has a role to play in keeping our roads safe.