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Car insurance Claim

If you have been involved in a car accident, you must report it to one of AIG’s approved reporting centres within 24 hours or by the next working day to make a claim.

Click here to report an accident online or call our 24-hour Auto Assist hotline at 6338 6200.

What to do

  • Do not panic.
  • If anyone is injured, call 995 for an ambulance or 999 for the police immediately.
  • Do not move the vehicles unless absolutely necessary.
  • Take photos of the accident scene and damage to all vehicles involved.


Important note:

  • You should avoid all unauthorised tow truck services or repair workshops. For assistance on towing, call our 24-hour Auto Assist hotline at 6338 6200.
  • You should not admit any liability, negotiate, or make any offer or settlement to a third party.

How to make a claim



Exchange information and particulars with the other parties involved. This will include, but is not limited to:
• Licence plate number of other vehicles involved
• Make, model and colour of other vehicles involved
• Name, address and NRIC of the other drivers.
• Contact number of the other drivers.
• Insurance company of other vehicles involved.

In addition, try to obtain the following information for your reporting to AIG:
• Date, time and place of the accident.
• Positions of the vehicles before and after collision.
• Particulars of all injured persons, if any, and note the extent of injuries.
• Particulars, such as name and contact number, of any witnesses.
• Weather and road conditions, e.g., visibility, whether traffic was heavy.
• If you have an in-car camera, do provide the video footage of the accident. You can get a waiver of up to S$1,090 (including GST) on your accidental repair excess.* 

*Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to your auto policy for details. 



If you need advice, towing service or other assistance, call our 24-hour Auto Assist hotline at 6338 6200.



Report the accident within 24 hours of the occurrence or by the next working day. You will need to bring your vehicle (regardless of whether it is damaged) to one of our approved reporting centres.

Bring the following with you to the reporting centre:
• Your NRIC or other identification documents and driver’s licence.
• For company-registered vehicles, your company stamp.

Important note:
You need to report all accidents promptly, regardless of whether you intend to make a claim. If you do not do so, your No Claim Discount may be reduced by 10%.
For more details on car accident reporting, refer to the GIA Motor Claims Framework.

You must also report the accident to the police if it involves:

  • An injury.
  • A government vehicle.
  • Damage to government property.
  • A foreign vehicle.
  • A pedestrian or cyclist.
  • Hit-and-run damage to your vehicle.

Should a non-injury accident be subsequently reclassified as an injury accident, the Traffic Police will start an investigation and contact you for a statement.



Determine the type of claim you are making:
• Own damage claim - claiming under your own policy.
• Third party claim - claiming from the other party if they are at fault.
• Private settlement - both you and the other party decide to settle the claim yourselves, without involving the insurance companies.


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