Claims Made Against You

If a third party makes a car insurance claim against you, we will handle the claim on your behalf. Find out what to do if that happens. If you are contacted by a third party, or by their insurance company or lawyer, do not discuss the accident or liability with them.

Follow these steps:

Request for the third party’s claim number and the name of the person handling the claim. If an adjuster has been appointed by the third party’s insurance company, please request for the name of the adjuster as well.
Contact your AIG claims examiner, who will deal with the insurance company directly. If you receive any letters or documents from the third party, notify us or forward the documents to us.

We will update you whenever we get a claim notification from the third party and when the settlement is finalised.

Important note

If you receive a traffic summons from the police which allows you to pay a composition fine, you can proceed to pay the fine if you have violated any traffic rules or regulations.


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