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Premier Client Solutions Claims

What to do

In the event of a loss:

  • Take all necessary measures to prevent and avoid further loss or damage to your article / property.
  • Do not dispose of any damaged article/property without AIG’s prior approval. We may require them for inspection and/or to be surrendered for salvage purposes.
  • Lodge a police report immediately if the article/property is lost and/or damaged due to robbery, burglary, theft or a malicious act.
  • For cases involving bodily injury or damage to article/property of a Third Party, do not make any admissions, offers, settlements, promises or payment, or conduct any negotiations, without our prior written consent. Note down the particulars of the Third Party with details of the nature and extent of the Third Party’s claim. These should be provided to AIG promptly so we can take over conduct of the claim.
  • For loss to building, or additions and alterations which requires immediate emergency assistance, please call our 24-hour Premier Hotline at 6419 3099 for Emergency Assistance.

How to make a claim

You will need to submit your claim within 30 days of the loss or damage.



Notify your agent or broker immediately, or contact us at:

AIG PCS Claim Unit (Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm)

Telephone number: 6419 1969






Prepare the relevant supporting documents for your claim. We may contact you for additional documents and information, if those are required.

  • Original purchase receipts, valuation, warranty card and photograph of the damage article/property.
  • Diagnostic report by repairer on the cause and extent of damage inclusive of repair quotation or written confirmation with reasons stating why the article/property is beyond repair.
  • Replacement quotation or receipt if the article/property has been certified damaged beyond repair.
  • Police report (if a malicious act is involved).

  • Police report
  • Airlines Property Irregularity Report
  • Original purchase receipts, valuation, warranty card and photograph of the lost article/property.
  • Replacement quotation or receipt for the lost article/property.

  • All relevant writs, summons, correspondence and documents served on you by any Third Party.
  • Photographs of damaged Third Party property, if available.



Submit the completed claim form to us as soon as possible. You should send us all relevant supporting documents within 30 days of the loss.

By mail

Send to:
Premier Client Solutions Claims Department
AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd.
AIG Building
78 Shenton Way #09-16
Singapore 079120

What to expect

We process most straightforward Premier Client Solutions claims within seven business days if they are submitted with complete documentation. It may take longer to process a claim if we require additional information or documents from you.
Upon receipt of all relevant information and/or documents, AIG or our appointed adjuster will liaise with you and provide you with periodical updates on the progress of the claim.

Claim status

We will keep you updated on your claim by email or mail. You can also call our hotline to check on the status of your claim. If your claim is accepted, you will receive a settlement cheque by mail.


Call us

Enquiries: 6419 3099

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