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AIG On the Go is now here!

Latest AIG On the Go Driving App Statistics


Check out AIG On the Go's New Driving Focus Feature!

What is driving focus?

The driving focus feature evaluates the amount of attention you, as a driver, pay to your main task of driving versus the various distractions in your immediate surroundings.

One of the biggest distractions is your mobile phone. For your safety and the safety of your passengers and other road users, you should refrain from having any interactions with your mobile phone whilst driving.


Read more about it here!



The Best Drivers are the Safest Drivers

AIG is proud to introduce AIG On the Go: The Intelligent Driving App for Singapore.

AIG On the Go is our way of raising greater awareness about safer driving and encouraging more drivers, like yourself, to translate safer driving into dollar savings. Using telematics, AIG On the Go will score your driving performance against certain key driving parameters, such as acceleration, speed, braking and cornering. Based on that score, AIG will offer you up to 15% off your AIG vehicle insurance premium.

You can also participate in fun contests like competing against other driving enthusiasts in Singapore and stand a chance to win amazing prizes. As long as you have a motor vehicle registered to your name in Singapore and record your every drive, you can participate in every contest that the app has to offer!

If you are not an AIG customer but are interested in AIG's auto insurance products, do call us at 6419 3000 to find out more.

Please read the full AIG On the Go Terms of Use here.

Get Up to 15% Discount Off Your Auto Insurance

Get Rewarded for Safe Driving

Invite Friends and Get Rewarded

Get Automated Reminders

Join Contests and Win Prizes

Compete with Other Drivers

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AIG Safe Driver Challenge

Held at the Singapore Motorshow 2020, over 600 enthusisatic participants driving skills were put to the test which involved safely "driving" a radio-controlled car through a specially-design safe driving course.

4 winners emerged the safest, from left:

AIG employee, Ang Zi Keng, Issac Teh, Christian Sandric (President & CEO, AIG Singapore), Amir Sidi, Nathaniel Tan, AIG employee.


All Blacks Sevens x AIG On the Go Video


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