Turn Safety into Savings

Save up to 15% discount off your next car insurance (new or renewal) with safer driving! 

How it works

Effective from 15 February 2021, we are introducing the new discount structure.

Drive according to the respective distance and score requirements in each discount tier to unlock discounts!

Discount Tier Required Score Required Distance Traveled
3% 90 and above 100 km
5% 90 and above 150 km
7% 95 and above 200 km
9% 95 and above 300 km
11% 98 and above 400 km
13% 98 and above 500 km
15% 100 and above 600 km
Mystery Prize 100 and above 1000 km

Discount FAQs

AIG offers you up to 15% off your next AIG vehicle insurance premium (new purchase or renewal). Effective from 15 February 2021, we are introducing the new discount structure:

If you show yourself to be a safe driver and your driving score in each trip meets the required score stated in each discount tier, the distance of that trip will be counted to the discount tier.

  • Discounts are progressive. This means that you have to unlock the base discount of 3% first in order to unlock the next discount tiers. 
  • Each discount tier has different distance and score requirements. Be sure to check them out in the app!
  • For example, record a minimum of 100 kilometres to unlock the base discount of 3%. Only distances in trips of score 90 and above will be counted towards this tier. 
  • Similarly, assuming you have unlocked 5% and now you are onto your next discount tier of 7%, you will have to record a total of 200 kilometres to unlock the 7% discount. Only distances in trips of score 95 and above will be counted towards this tier.
  • Each time you fulfil the kilometres and meet the scores stated in the table, your discount will increase by an additional 2% (up to 15% total).

Note: If you do not meet the driving score requirement stated in the discount tier, your distance in that trip will not be counted to the discount.

  • All the discounts you have accumulated since your last discount reset will automatically be transferred to the new structure.

  • If you have not applied any discount before, all your recorded trips will automatically be calculated under the new structure for your discount.

Your current total discount is displayed on the discount screen of the AIG On the Go app. More detailed information is shown in each discount tier box. There you can see the progress bar of the distance accumulated to date and if the discount tier has been unlocked.

No, once you unlock a discount, it is yours to keep even if your score for a trip does not meet the score requirements in the discount tiers (e.g. under 90 points). In that case, that trip will not be counted to your discount tiers.

When you have successfully unlocked your discounts, you can claim your discount by clicking on “Call For Your Discount” or call us at 6419 3000.

Once you claim your discount, the discount in your app will automatically reset to 0% and you are entitled to earn new discounts again.

Your total discount will reset to 0% automatically under the following circumstances:

  1. When you apply the discount for a new purchase on an AIG car insurance policy
  2. When you apply for renewal on your AIG car insurance
  3. About 1 to 2 months before your renewal, your total discount will be applied to and reflected on your renewal notice

Once you have unlocked the maximum 15% discount, you are able to unlock a mystery reward gift. The gift will be made available to you in your app or sent to your email address once the Mystery Prize tier is unlocked.


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Terms of Use

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