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Expert insurance solutions for the Aerospace Industry


The Singapore aviation industry plays a vital role in our country’s productivity, tourism and business opportunities. The sector’s operational footprint extends into a wide group of related manufacturing and service suppliers, from aircraft hardware to airport ground operations.

Any growth in the air travel and transportation will not be without its challenges. There will be an increasing focus on security and safety of passengers, and the cost and environmental impact of the use of carbon fuels.

AIG has more than 60 years’ experience servicing and supporting the aerospace sector, so we understand the unique needs of the businesses that operate in this industry. Whether it’s for airport and ground operations, manufacturing and supply, general aviation or international airlines, our deep knowledge of the aviation industry, creativity and tailored solutions help us work with our clients as a strategic partner for all aspects of aviation insurance and risk management.

Products and Services for the Aviation Industry

Provides the most innovative and extensive insurance for your directors and officers.

Aerospace insurance protects individuals and businesses within the Aerospace industry such as aircraft owners and operators, airport owners and operators, and aircraft product manufacturers.