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WHY AIG at a glance

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Helping clients stay ahead of risk and serving as their partner in times of need is WHY AIG is here. This site brings together useful topics and tools that help brokers and clients make smart insurance buying decisions.

WHY AIG Launch in Singapore

Strength and Capability

AIG employees are united throughout the world to be our clients’ most valued insurer and for us there’s no problem too large or too complex. For instance our risk expertise and financial strength meant we could increase our per risk Property capacity up to US$2.5 billion, we insure some of the world greatest companies through our unmatched global network and over 20,000 businesses trust us with their evolving cyber risks.

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Creative, Tailored Customer Experience

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Insurance is personal which is why AIG invests the time to learn about you and your organisation’s unique needs, and then designs a specialised customer experience to deliver real impact for your business.

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Reliable and Responsive Claims

We understand how urgent and critical your claims can be. AIG’s 10,000 industry-leading claims professionals are solely focused on ensuring you’re completely taken care of when you need us most.

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Value-Added Services

Client Centric Analytics

Turning big data into actionable intelligence requires finding information that matters to your business. AIG uses advanced analytics to help pinpoint loss drivers, improve safety and ultimately reduce the total cost of risk. Check out how AIG is helping clients embrace innovative technology and uncover new opportunities. 

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Loss Prevention Engineering

Over 600 risk engineers around the globe enable a better assessment of occupancy and natural disaster, and security hazards to help clients make measurable risk improvements and protect against catastrophe.

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Video Insights

AIG is a partner that delivers value beyond insurance. As a global leader in insurance, it is our job to make sure we are looking ahead, continually listening, and investing to provide the tools and resources you need to better manage your risk profile.

Did you know that AIG has more than 95 years insuring some of the world’s most complex risks?

Did you know that AIG is using robotics and automation to assess claims immediately and expedite payment for straight-through claims processing?

Did you know AIG paid over $26 billions in claims last year?

Did you know AIG introduced the first network security and privacy coverage for cyber risks in the late 1990s?